May 28, 2024


Red Hot Food

Savor Royal Food and Mouth Watering Delicacies on Your Rajasthan Tour

When the people of India and other countries are enquired about the major attractions of Rajasthan tourism, then architecture and food always holds the top spot. Whether it’s the celebrities, famous personalities or the sportsperson from all over the world, they all remain spellbound with the diverse and traditional cuisines of Rajasthan. The food lover who has come for a Rajasthan tour would never want their trip to end!

Rajasthan tourism is well appreciated and highly popular all around the world for its delicious and mouth watering cuisines. It is well known fact that people from all over the world specially book the packages tour India to relish the different cuisines of which Rajasthan tops the list. The state is well known for its traditional and royal foods. From the time of the kings and Maharajas, food was considered to be a vital part and every guest was treated with delicious food served from the royal kitchens. The common folk of the state also gradually learned the skills and arts of cooking the most delightful dishes. In fact, it has also been said that the people of Rajasthan converted cooking into a ravishing art. With the perfect mix of the spices and rich nuts, the yummiest foods are prepared. During your Rajasthan tour, you can taste the varied cuisines of different restaurants. If you have booked your accommodation in a heritage hotel, then you can also get the privilege to taste the royal dishes which the Kings and Maharajas used to eat and whose recipes are only known to the royal “Khansamas” (cooks) of the hotels.

When you are on a tour of Rajasthan by booking packages tour India, you will discover that the people generally use buttermilk, milk or clarified milk instead of water. As in Rajasthan, the water is scarce, so the people of Bikaner, Barmer and Jiasalmer try to save the water and rarely use them to cook the food. Also, you can get to taste diverse sweets in different regions: Ghevar in Jaipur, Rasagullas of Bikaner, Alwar ka Mawa, Mawa Kachori of Jodhpur and so on. Dal, Bati and Churma is the specialty of Rajasthan and no tourist ever completes their Rajasthan tour without savoring these dishes.

So, why refrain yourself from enjoying the diverse and varied varieties of sweets and dishes of Rajasthan. Just a bite will transport you to a world of complete bliss and you will instantly place the Rajasthan tourism and its delicacies in high regards!