May 28, 2024


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Pressure Cooker – A Healthy Way to Cook

The first benefit that anyone will think of for using a pressure cooker is the speed in food preparation. It can speed up the cooking process up to 70% of the time compared to traditional style cooking. This is seen in simmering and preparing soup dishes.

As time is saved, energy saving follows and less heat generated in the house. In the ingredients, we also can observe that nutrients of food are better maintained due to the cooking method requires less liquid to cook and therefore less vitamin and minerals will drain out from the food. The food is therefore taste better with the original flavor preserved better.

Pressure cooker are best when use for simmering, stewing and steaming food such as vegetable, beans, meat or poultry. However it is not suitable to deep fry any food; saute or browning the food in the pressure pot before cover with the lid is acceptable.

Do not worry about limited recipes available as the ingredients is not much different from the recipe books or the usual cooking ingredient that you have used. Beware on the timing required to cook the dish as it will definitely be reduced compared to conventional cooking and the amount of liquid to add on is much lesser too.

You will have the guideline from manufacturer as each different brand of pressure cooker will have a slight difference in the allocated timing for the food type.

Along with the guideline from manufacturer and the experience in cooking, converting to cook dishes using pressure cooker is never a difficult task. Furthermore manufactured today has the safety features designed therefore it is safe to use within the instruction given.