May 24, 2024


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Asian Women’s Secrets of Breast Enhancement Unveiled

The use of natural methods for breast enhancement has been gaining in immense popularity mainly due to the dangerous side effects of breast augmentation surgery. In this article let us find out what are the best natural methods to enhance your breast size without causing any harm to your body.

Use Herbs

Women in Asia have been reaping the rich benefits of natural medicines for thousands of years but now with globalization people in the western world have also been enlightened about the rich healing properties of herbs. In ayurvedic system of medicine herbs like fenugreek and fennel seeds have been specially mentioned to enhance breast size in women.

Foods For Breast Enhancement

There are certain traditional foods which have been used in households to enhance size of breasts. In China if a girl has underdeveloped breasts she is given chicken head soup as it is believed that it is effective in increasing breast size that is mainly because it contains a high percentage of estrogen which is vital for growth of breasts. Carrots and fennel seeds are also proven traditional foods which have been shown to increase breast size. Also eating fresh fruits and vegetables specially green vegetables will also help in enhancement as the body will get proper nourishment.


You can also take the help of natural exercises like push ups and dumb bell flies as it will help increase blood flow to the area and thereby assist in breast enlargement process.

Herbal Medicines

You can take herbs in the form of herbal medicines which are easily available in the medical stores and you do not need a prescription to purchase them. While buying a herbal medicine for breast enhancement make sure that it contains fenugreek as one of its ingredients as it is a magical herb for small breast problem. Also when you or on herbal medicine avoid having coffee, alcohol and nicotine as these substances interfere with the working of the herbs and reduce their efficacy to a very large extent.

So basically if you have small breasts you do not have to worry as these natural methods will surely increase your size and your overall health condition. Natural medicines do take time to show effects but the results are permanent and they not only treat a particular disease but the person as a whole.