May 24, 2024


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Dublin Gay Bars

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and because the city has always been very up to date and trendy, Dublin gay bars are easy to find – when you know where to look and there many places that are gay friendly in the city. Finding somewhere to go with your friends should be easy. The mix of Dublin’s gay bars and culture makes the city an idea; place to go out drinking.

The scene in Dublin is thriving and there are a few gay bars to mention. Oil Can Harry’s which is located on Lower Mount Street and is a very gay friendly bar which offers a great cocktail menu. There is also Viva which is a gay friendly bar which has a gay night twice monthly and is very popular. They offer a great drinks menu as well.

The Dragon bar has great decor, cocktails and a very vibrant atmosphere with some real cheesy music with a stage lofted above the bar. The bar offers a brilliant night.

Dublin gay clubs are on the increase but the most popular thing in Dublin is for mainstream clubs and bars to hold gay nights, such as Lovebug which has an all women night on the first Saturday of every month. There is also a club called HAM which offers a regular gay night on Fridays from 11pm and there is a great range of entertainment here such as music and events.

Dublin gay clubs are very popular and are becoming a mainstream thing in the area. GUBU for example is a new and trendy gay bar situated on Capel Street. They have a great range of entertainment including stand up comedy, drag shows and live music. They have a straight-friendly night on Sundays but the rest of the time it’s strictly gay.

The Panti Bar is owned by one of Ireland’s top drag queens, Panti. She performs her acts on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, they also have DJ nights at the weekends. They also have pool tables downstaires. The bar is open till 2am on Thursday through to Sunday.

It is said you can walk in to any bar in Dublin and feel at home instantly, this is also true of any gay bar in Dublin. Actually you will feel so at home with the friendly atmosphere that you will surely want to stay forever or at least return time and time again.