May 28, 2024


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How to Tell If Your Thai Girlfriend Really Loves You – The Escalation Method

If you have ever wondered whether the relationship with you and your Thai girlfriend was real, there are several ways to tell. Often spoken is the saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. When many foreign men get to Thailand and find beautiful Thai women with a magnetic attraction to them, it piques their curiosity since it is so different from what they experience at home. Here are three steps towards discovering the truth. I call this the Escalation Method as it involves a series of tests with increasingly difficult requirements to pass. After reading this, you will be able to tell if a girl really loves you or not.

First, get her to invest in you. This means you need to have her expend some time or money or effort in order to complete a task for you. It should be something minor initially. As a general rule, a five minute task is sufficient. For example, if you are at a bar, have your Thai girlfriend buy a glass of wine for you. You should provide the money, but at least have her invest the time.

Second, reward her with attention. In more specific terms, show appreciation for her effort. As an example, when your girlfriend brings back the wine cited in the aforementioned example, praise her. You can mention a number of accomplishments, including the speed with which she was able to navigate the crowded room. In Thailand, this can often be difficult since the most popular places are often overcrowded due to lenient zoning laws.

When she notices your appreciation, it will be impossible for her to hide a smile. In Thai society, praise is rare due to the implicit sense of duty instilled within the culture. Although it can be tempting to call this a Pavlovian response, Thai women are very intelligent and should never be treated or thought of this way.

Finally, escalate her investments in you. Instead of a simple five-minute task, ask her to do something that is more involved. Perhaps it can involve a more significant amount of time to complete or maybe even some physical exertion. A great example would be to have her cook for you. Thai food is globally acknowledged as being some of the best in the world. Thai women are thus some of the best cooks.

If she agrees to this, then you can be reasonably sure she really does love you. This is the Three-Step Escalation Method. First, get her to make an incremental investment in you. Then reward her appropriately. And finally escalate the investment. If you do all of these steps correctly, you can overcome the Thai cultural barrier and have a happier relationship.