July 21, 2024


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Energy Drink Advantages For Aging Baby Boomers

Energy Drink Advantages For Aging Baby Boomers

The energy drink advantages for aging Baby Boomers, compared to the dangers they pose for kids are:

* Those of us who have survived this far are too smart to abuse caffeine, which is the primary stimulant in most of these beverages

* It’s amazing how much more awake you can be on a well-formulated energy drink compared to old-fashioned java, without the nerves, stomach upset, etc.

* The best formulations are blends of nutrients and herbs that provide the fuel for energy creation while moderating side-effects

* Buying these drinks in bulk can save us time and money compared to driving to the convenience store or coffee kiosk twice a day

* We can get our basic vitamin requirements in some energy tonics without swallowing a hand-full of pills

* We’ve learned to manage our need for sleep, unlike youngsters who burn the candle at both ends

* Boomers often say that we’d give anything to be 20 again and know what we know now — Here is a way to combine our wealth of experience with the energy of youth

* We can enjoy these drinks because we know that more of a good thing is not necessarily better

* Those of us who aren’t retired — or who like to do strenuous things for recreation — may find the right drink can greatly increase our stamina and minimize soreness the next morning

* We’re savvy enough to do some research to pick a healthy energy tonic for our enjoyment

* We can relive the joie-de-vivre of our youth, without doing anything illegal, immoral, or fattening!

* A few energy drink brands can even help us lose weight through the principle of thermogenesis

Energy drinks have been unfairly and uniformly categorized as bad, dangerous, and unhealthy. Most of them are less than healthy, but not all. A lot of the problems with them have come from absurd levels of sugar and caffeine and just plain abuse by those who drink them.

Let’s not “throw out the baby with the bathwater” when considering what benefit energy drinks could possess for us.

Those under the care of a physician and/or taking any medication should ask their doctor if there is any reason they shouldn’t use energy tonics in moderation.