July 21, 2024


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Why Grilling is the Wrong Way to Cook Ribs

Why Grilling is the Wrong Way to Cook Ribs

Do you believe you can cook ribs better than in any restaurant? You can! And, I know the secret. Stop grilling ribs and learn how to slow-cook bar-be-que instead. Who knew? I sure did not. I recently purchased my first grill and set out to become a serious backyard grill master. A friend sent me an eBook to help get me started and it totally changed my approach to cooking bar-be-que.

Once I finished Bill Anderson’s book on cooking competition quality barbecue entitled “Competition BBQ Secrets” I knew I was on to something wonderful. Its one of the few books around that give you ALL the details on how to select a grill, use wood chips and most importantly, how to slow-smoke ribs, chicken, butts, and brisket. For a rookie like me, I was glad he did not leave important detail information like times and temperatures to chance. Anderson says, “comparing grilling to slow-cooking is like comparing painting a house to painting a masterpiece of art. Any idiot can paint a house, but it takes skill, experience and a love of art to create a true masterpiece.”

Here are four reasons why slow-cooking is better than grilling.
1. You get tender, juicy meat that is fall off the bone and melt-in-your mouth good.
2. A rookie can create delicious chicken and ribs on a backyard grill first time out.
3. Its hard to overcook slow-smoked meat.
4. Your friends and family will become your raving fans.

Anderson’s championship Chatham Artillery Bar-Be-Que team took 1st place for ribs last year at both the 2009 Blue Ridge BBQ & Music Festival and the 2009 Pigs & Peaches Festival in Georgia. And they have been grand champion several times. The team has also won awards for chicken, pork and brisket. Have you ever tried to cook brisket? Believe me, that is not the easiest meat to prepare.

Have you ever burned your meat on the grill? You could continue the trial and error method and hope for the best. But why? Switch to slow-cooking and it well never happen again.

Want to experience the joy of competition? If you want to compete in any local Bar-be-Que cooking competitions this style of cooking will help you smoke the competition. There are contests in many states. You can find out where and when at the website of the National Bar-Be-Que Association at: http://www.nbbqa.org

Break out the grill, trim the meat, blend your favorite seasoning rub, mixup your secret sauce and slow-cook a family feast of killer ribs and smoking que. The aroma will have friends and family primed for some good eating. And when you serve them up they will be lip-smacking and finger-licking good.