July 24, 2024


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Vietnam Dish – Pho

Vietnam Dish – Pho

Time passes so quickly. Hanoi streets, houses and life have changed considerably but the taste of Hanoi people has not changed much. The typical dishes are still favored and become more popular.

Hanoi people are known as elegant ones and connoisseurs of communication and eating. They know how to find a suitable restaurant for their family and when a restaurant or flavor of a dish suits them, they will be faithful to that dish or that place. Gentle beauty, sophistication and quality are typical features of Hanoi food.

Hanoi is well-known for many dishes but Pho is always the first mention. Pho represents character and specificity of Hanoi dishes. The reason is simple, Pho here is different from that of other places, it can not be confusing.

Pho can be used as breakfast, lunch or dinner and is suitable for everyone, especially persons who have a flu. This is not the traditional medicine but it is the habit of many people and the result is pretty good. Like Pho, Chao (rice is cooked with water) with some fresh onion has the same function.

In the past time, Pho was an expensive dish and only rich people afforded it but it now has become popular to almost people. In cold mornings, Pho restaurants are crowded, visitors are often office staffs, pupils and their parents, old people who want to have a good breakfast in a short time. There are many kinds of Pho but it is Pho with done beef that is the most delicious.

No one knows exactly the time of Pho’s existence but he knows that Pho is integral to Many Vietnamese people.