May 28, 2024


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The Diversity of Art Nails

Glamour, fascination, magnetism we ladies want it all. And what’s better to get it in your hands? Nails express freedom. Since art nails are becoming frenzy, playing with tone and textures have become the forte of many. The patterns of artistic nails have become so intricate that it almost looks effortless. The sole idea of art nails is so functional and fun that it leaves you spellbound. Earlier scenario wasn’t the same as it was considered quiet tacky, but now socially inclined people are setting a different benchmark with the craziest and quirkiest designs printed on their nails.

The emergence of aesthetics has become simplified and luxurious in this new era. It was also considered as a symbol of elegance before but now shades like neon tangerine, moss green or steel grey has made the market go berserk. Nail paints weren’t a popular culture but the women of this generation are using it to express creativity and their individuality. Art nails have become so magnificent with enduring variations, that we pray you too get one done for yourself if you haven’t already.

Art nails are so decorative that it embellishes your nails to a very large extent.

Artistic Innovations

• Textures – Beads like micro or caviar are applied before the nail paint turns dry. Your nails then get sand-like framework by such textures.
• Velvet manicure – particular fibres of velvet, known as velveteen are scattered on the wet nail polish. The excess can be wiped off and leave you with feel of fuzzy velvet.
• Holographic effect – holographic finishes basically come across as rainbow reflections when made in contact with light.
• Thermochromic polish- this type of nail paints changes color if exposed to cold or hot temperatures
• Crackle effect – it acts as an overcoat since its application is done on already applied nail polish and ends up giving you a shattered or interestingly cracked effect once dried off.
• Matte punch – this effect is simply pure but is the most favourite one for all, as it is baptized on glossy coat and gives it a beautiful matte finish.
• Nail stickers – a type of artificial nails that ranges from strips, nail stickers and wraps found in the market. It does the work of mimicking the nail colors excellently.
• Inverse French – it has another interesting name that is half-moon. In this you carefully paint the roots with different color and the remaining nail with another color. Gives you a gorgeous over all look, truly.

It’s a work of wisdom if you keep your nails neatly groomed and then make sure everyone gets their eyes on it. It helps you stand out among the rest and who doesn’t want that? Since these beautiful glitter nails comes in variations, everyone from college girls to working professional women can sport this happening and enticing look. Well there are innumerable art nails but to name a few have a look below:

1. Art of tree and branches
2. Peacock designs
3. Black corn starch
4. Golden flashy glitter nails
5. Watermelon design
6. Dots and strips
7. Art of color blocking
8. Halloween nail creativity
9. Tri colored pattern
10. Shimmer art nails
11. Half flower nail art, and so much more for your satisfaction.

The world of imagination is waiting for you desperately; just make sure that your illustration comes across appropriately.