July 24, 2024


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Preparation of Black Coffee: The Perfect Bliss for Your Health

Preparation of Black Coffee: The Perfect Bliss for Your Health

Black coffee may have a pungent taste, especially to those who are used to drinking coffee with loads of milk and sugar. But, the good it does it to your health is unmatchable with the health perks you drinking a sweetened creamy cappuccino. Just one cup every day, will get your metabolism high, burn calories, detoxify your body and leaves you with full of energy. Moreover, having black coffee before the workout will precisely enhance all these effects. While it’s time for you to acknowledge the health benefits of pure black coffee, here is a quick guide on how to prepare a perfect cup of the same.

Choosing the beans

Choosing beans that are finely roasted is no doubt the most essential step for you to prepare a cup of flawless black coffee. So, when you head to the market try finding out a store that assures you of best beans with minimum mix blend. Go for the beans that are freshly roasted, i.e. is not near to its expiry date.

Take care of the grinding process

To derive absolutely the best taste and benefits of black coffee, you need to grind the beans on your own. This is the only way you can control the size of the beans. Otherwise, the coffee drink is more likely to taste bitter. You can choose from two types of grinders i.e. Burr and blade. While Burr is costly and grinds beans into the size of sugar grains, Blade is quite a reasonably priced and chops beans unevenly. So, for uniform beans, which produces a good drink, you need to go for Burr.

Coffee-water ratio

The ratio is important to make sure the taste isn’t too bitter or too placid. While you’re pouring the hot water over the grinds, maintain the ratio of 1:3 (2 tbsps of coffee with 6 ounces of water). Further, pour water at the ideal temperature which is 200 degrees, because too hot or too cold can ruin your brew.

Proper brewing method

The last but the most crucial step is choosing the right brewing technique. While Drip brewing and French Press are the two most basic yet effective methods, you need to follow the one that suits your preference. Drip brewing needs a standard machine with a pot and a basket with a coffee filter to put all the coffee grind. Adding up water automatically does all the job. On the other hand, the French press is the old manual method where you need to wait longer before hot water seeps through grinds and need to handle press to separate them.

Despite the bitter taste and pungent flavour, black coffee wins over the creamy latte. The benefits one can get cover up its dreadful taste. However, try going through these simple steps the next time you want to brew a perfect cup of black for yourself or your loved ones.