May 24, 2024


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Lap Band Surgery Liquid Diet – To Make Your Body Trim and Slim

If you are facing numerous difficulties due to over fat of your body and want to lose your weight. The main thing behind this is to control your diet, due to this you are capable to lose your weight furthermore Lap Band Surgery can help you in this case. It is an uncomplicated and straightforward process through which you can control your diet. As you know that if you will control your diet definitely your weight will be loose routinely.

Now one question could come in your mind.

What is Lap Band Surgery?

The answer is: In Lap Band Surgery the top part of the stomach in attached with a gastric band. The cause of less hunger through Lap Band Surgery is that this band assists to decrease the cavity of the stomach and when there is less space in your stomach you will be feeling less hunger automatically. You have to sustain a normal diet prescript by the dietitian not at the time of surgery but furthermore after the surgery eternally else you can gain the heaviness again.

Now I am going to explain about the diet that should be followed by the patient of Lap Band Surgery. After the surgery the entire diet of the patient is divided into main three phases. In the first phase, the patients have to feed on the liquid diet only between per hour, which can contains the water, skimmed milk, fruit juice or any other low calorie beverages until the two to three weeks after surgery. But as you can avoid all the carbonated beverages like cold drinks, tea, coffee or any other kind of high calorie beverages for always.

At the second phase or on from the second or third week of surgery the patient can add the pureed food as like the fruits, blended vegetables, meat etc. After fourth or sixth week of surgery the patient can add soft their normal diet day by day.

They have to proceed after the diet chart recommended by the surgeon for rest of the life to continue their physical form. They have to keep away from junk foods, heavy foods spicy foods, fried food, and high fiber vegetables. If you follow this entire diet plan, your body will be trim and slim.