July 21, 2024


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How to Convert a US Gas or Propane Grill For Use in France

How to Convert a US Gas or Propane Grill For Use in France

I live in France and when I moved from the US to France, I brought my Weber Grill. In the US I grilled all Spring, Summer and Fall. I was used to having a large yard and BBQ parties. In France, I knew I was going to have a terrace so I brought the grill.

I went to a store in the center of Toulouse called Midica. I find it generally more expensive than other stores but since it is in the center, where I live, you don’t have to drive, and it is easy to get to, I went there. I wanted to ask how I could convert my US grill so it would work with the butane canisters here in France. I ran into a problem. Messieur, it is against the law, blah, blah, blah, and on he went like all good French people. I said basically that I am relatively handy so I would have no problem making a connection with a new hose so the gas would work. The employee must have repeated 10 times that it was against French law etc.

It is just a mechanical thing no? A hose brings gas from the canister to the grill, it is either on or off, and the regulator regulates the pressure. A gas grill is not like a complex piece of equipment.

Finally I said, here’s my address, why don’t you call the police if it will make you feel better, but will you show me where the hoses are? He acted so offended but in the end he showed me where everything was that I needed and even told me he would throw in the regulator for free if I bought the canister of gas. Well you don’t actually buy the canister of gas, you pay for the contract, which is a deposit, then pay to fill it each time. At the end, you get your deposit back when you return the canister.

1. remove hose that connects grill to canister

2. sign up for gas contract at local hardware store, don’t forget the regulator

3. buy replacement rubber hose of correct size for use with new gas canister

4. buy metal clamps that tighten with screws to tighten the rubber hose

5. attach one end of the hose to the regulator and the other to the grill

6. make sure it is tight

7. turn the gas canister on

8. fire up the grill

9. pray no explosions happen

10. invite friends for BBQ party

For pictures of my setup and more detailed instructions, visit the link in the author’s resource box.

That’s all there is to converting your US gas grill to work in Europe/France

Happy BBQing!