July 21, 2024


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How Do I Take Care of My Food Storage Containers?

Storage containers are a lifesaver for meal prep and taking care of leftover dinners. That said, they require thorough cleaning, with bacterial growth likely to result in food poisoning. Fortunately, several cleaning hacks can help prevent this and eliminate any risk of contamination in your food containers.

Sprinkle Some White Vinegar

White vinegar is a good option for absorbing odors that could ruin your meal. Ensure that you first wash your food storage containers thoroughly to ensure no leftovers in your dishes. Next, sprinkle enough white vinegar and let it sit for a few minutes. The last step will be rewashing it before putting it in your food. Another alternative for eliminating smells would be leaving your containers open in the sun.

Use Hot Water

Oily patches are common in storage containers, resulting in stains. To avoid this, use hot water and dish soap for cleaning. Hot water helps dissolve oil in tricky spots such as corners, making it easy to clean these spaces. Baking soda and water will also be another option that will be useful for oily patches.

Rinse Immediately After Use

Since cleaning your containers immediately after use may not always be possible, a quick rinse will save you time during your cleaning. A splash of water will help remove food stuck on the sides of your storage containers, reducing smells and stains that accumulate overnight. As previously stated, hot water will be preferable even for a quick rinse.

Lightly Spray Your Containers With Cooking Spray

A light coating of cooking oil will also go a long way in keeping your containers free of the orange tint that often accompanies meals with tomato paste. Spray some oil on the inside of your container before storing your meals, as this will allow you to create a coating that minimizes the transfer of colors from your food.

The above will be handy cleaning and storing tips for handling your storage containers. Make it a point to use hot water for cleaning, use some white vinegar if dealing with odors, and rinse immediately after emptying your containers. Lastly, lightly coating your containers will also be vital in creating a layer when storing foods with transferrable stains.