May 26, 2024


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Healthy Recipes!

It is pretty simply to cook healthy recipes, without dedicating too much of time and energy. All you need is a little practice. And after a few trials you can mix and match ingredients, create unique flavours to tantalize your taste buds.

In today’s fast paced environment very body keeps searching for quick fixes. Be it packaged meals, canned stuff or picking up junk stuff at the next door fast food joint. But in all this rush we overlook our dietary needs. This in turn leads to common medical conditions and concerns the most frequent being (IBS) irritable bowl syndrome.

There are several ways to make healthier recipes

Increase the consumption or switch to whole grain foods by replacing white with brown bread, rice, pasta, lasagne sheets. They taste equally well.

Increase the amount of fibre in your diet through the intake of fresh vegetables, legumes and fruits. As far as possible reduce or stop meat. There are quite a few examples of animal diseases being transferred to humans e.g. the mad cow epidemic. Replace meat with more of vegetables in recipes such as casseroles and stews.

Try and reduce fat content in your meals especially if you are a ‘potato couch’. Consume low fat cheese, skimmed milk. Try and replace cream with other ingredients such as buttermilk, yogurt wherever possible.

Avoid products like MSG as they are harmful for health. Therefore, in many of recipes I have stated its use as (optional), because a lot of people like to still incorporate it in their diet.

Try and keep salt levels low in food as increased consumption can lead to problems of blood pressure and heart.

Avoid fatty salad dressings (replace with avocado or salsa dressing) or more of sugar in preparing recipes.

Irrespective of all your healthy eating habits remember, consumption o water is utmost important for life. Medically it is recommend to consume a lot of water at least 8 glasses (1½ litre) a day. Water is a vital element in flushing out toxins and waste products from the body.

All these dietary guidelines are a way to develop healthy recipes for a happy disease free life.

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