July 24, 2024


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Grunter Steak Knives: Improving the Customer Experience

Grunter Steak Knives: Improving the Customer Experience

There’s nothing better than going to a steakhouse for a juicy piece of steak that is grilled to perfection and served with delicious sauces. Many people have their favourite steakhouse while others enjoy experiencing different places. One thing is for sure, a good steak is best enjoyed with a steak knife that is able to easily slice through it. In this area, Grunter Steak Knives do not disappoint.

Grunter Steak Knives are designed to be ergonomic and fit the palm of your hand perfectly. It has a steel blade and a steel handle, which gives it a unique appearance that is different to the other plastic or wooden handle knives. You can grip the Grunter Steak Knife firmly between your thumb and your fingers. The handle curves slightly at the point after the blade to accommodate your fingers and it curves slightly towards the end of the handle to fit your palm comfortably. In addition, the handle is thick enough to form perfectly in your hand for easy movement. Although the handle is thick and creates the appearance that it is a very heavy knife, it is not too heavy nor is it too light. The handle, which is made of steel, is partially hollow on the inside for impeccable balance with the blade.

When manufacturing this knife with steel from top to bottom, the construction kept hygiene in mind. With the sleek steel design there are no crevices or corners where bacteria could hide. It is a smooth design that is hygienic, modern and elegant. Furthermore, the blade is manufactured to be long and undoubtedly sharp. With one swift movement of the blade you can slice through a piece of T-bone steak with no effort. It is also slices flawlessly when paired with a rack of ribs. When it comes to quality catering equipment, Grunter Steak Knives set a very high standard. Their construction is durable and can handle daily use. Their complete steel design is one that customers will notice and appreciate. It gives the steakhouse added credibility because the customer knows that the steakhouse has invested much time and effort in the meal. Right down to the type of knife that you are served with.

The Grunter Steak Knives are manufactured for daily use and without any undue wear or deterioration. It could stand up to generations of use which makes it suitable for steakhouses that serve many plates of steak on a daily basis.