June 14, 2024


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Freezer Cooking Benefits For Homeschoolers

Some people might think that the work of freezer cooking outweighs the benefits, but the truth is that there are some very good reasons to use freezer cooking. If you use the time you are already in the kitchen to prepare your freezer meals, you will wonder why you haven’t done more freezer cooking.

Here are some benefits of freezer cooking:

1. Less dishes – the day that you make the frozen meal you just have bigger pots to wash, not any more dishes in number. Then the day that you eat the freezer meal, the only dishes you have are the serving dish, plates and silverware. How easy is that?

2. Less stress – Being able to come home and know that a meal is almost prepared for you can really reduce mealtime stress. If you are having guests, you are able to enjoy your guests more because you are not spending a bunch of time and stress in the kitchen preparing the meal.

3. Save money – Buying food in bulk has always been cheaper than buying it in individual quantities. You can even bargain with your meat manager if they know you will be buying in larger quantities. Freezer cooking also causes you to be less tempted to eat fast food because you are more likely to have a meal prepared at home and don’t need to stop and get something quick to eat.

4. Eat better – Not only will you be eating better home cooked meals, but you will have more time to make a salad or prepare a vegetable while you are waiting for your meal to cook on the stove or bake in the oven. Many times we spend so much time getting the main course done, we don’t have time to focus on vegetables that can make our meal more interesting and healthy.