June 13, 2024


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Five Famous ‘Punjabi Dishes’ You Love to Eat

When you talk about Punjab, everything ranging from its ‘saundhi mitti’ to the state’s ‘punjabi mutiyaran’; and from its dance forms – the famous ‘bhangra’ and ‘giddha’ – to its extra-amiable environment; is popular around the world. Well, and now, when we are talking about Punjab, it would be really unfair to miss on the punjabi food.

Probably, none of you would feel surprised. ‘Punjabis’ would be left all incomplete if we do not talk about food, a wide variety of which they love to have at any occasion (ordinary or special). Whether the cuisine is vegetarian or non-vegetarian, they simply are die-hard food-fans. Simple and healthy, yet delicious foods are on their plates. Also, unlike other boroughs using marinades like vinegar or lemon to add taste, the full of life Punjabis use ‘masalas’ for their first choice always includes a spicy cuisine.

Mornings are often incomplete for them if simple or stuffed ‘parathas’ with a bountiful ‘desi ghee’ content are not served. Even afternoon and evening meals are taken with a big role of ghee in them.

No doubt, Punjabis find rice as a fascinating dish, especially when ‘rajma’ is served along with them. The simple-to-make combination but is liked only occasionally. On a daily basis, as we all know, they prefer wheat over other things.

On the other hand, a colossal range of cuisines that Punjabis bring to us is famous not only in the Northern India, but in the whole country as well as outside India. Talk about vegetarian food such as sukhi dal and jeera rice or non-vegetarian like chicken kofta and keema kabab, desserts like kheer or flour preparations like aloo paratha or sweets such as gulab jamun and firnee, everything has its own sub-range. Besides, each single dish is lip-smacking and the assortments overshadow Bengali dishes, Mughali or even South Indian dishes.

Of course, after such lauds for Punjabi cuisine, you would like to try preparing one. So, let’s talk about a few finger-licking dishes you would surely love to have. ‘Makki di roti’ (corn chapatti) and ‘Sarson ka saag’ (mustard leaves curry) are amongst the tempting cuisines. So, the same would be perfect to start with as well.

How to Prepare:

The meal is a perfect combo of taste and nutrition. The ‘roti’ is simple to make. Knead the ‘Makki Ka Atta’ adding salt and ‘ajwain’. Sprinkle some water drops on both the sides of the ‘peda’ or ball, press it and put on a seasoned Tawa. Leave to cook for a few minutes, put atop ghee and flip. Your chapatti is all ready to be served hot with the ‘saag’ and a glob of butter.

To prepare the ‘saag’, you need a bunch of mustard leaves with water, oil, onions, tomatoes and ginger. Besides, salt, garlic, garam masala and red chilly powder would be added as required. Just wash the leaves, chop, boil, let them cool and then cook with the addition of fried onions and tomatoes later to garnish. The sunny winters would be embodied so well and easy, you won’t believe.

Lassi – Visit any Punjabi ‘Dhaba’, the chilling and authentic drink made up of thick curd and milk with fresh cream, sugar and cardamom powder added to it would give you that cooling effect, which is much-needed all through the scorching summers. Serve adding water-soaked skin-removed ‘badam’ and rose petals.

Dal Makhani – Easy to prepare, the recipe needs whole ‘urad daal’ along with ‘rajma’ (the red kidney beans). All you need to do is pressure-cook the daal and rajma, adding salt and water. Fry oil, garlic paste and cumin seeds as well as green chilies, tomatoes, dry masalas, stir and add daal. Your mouth-watering Dal Makhani is ready to be served with butter on it. Naan can be a best match.

Punjabi Kadhi – Make small balls using a mixture of gram flour, potatoes (chopped), onions (chopped) with ajwain, salt and red chili powder. Deep fry the ‘pakoras’ in a kadhai with heated oil until golden brown. Prepare kadhi with yogurt and gram flour and appropriate masalas and serve hot with rice.

Don’t wait! Start preparing now.