July 24, 2024


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Beginners Bridge Holidays – A Good Way to Start Learning Bridge

Beginners Bridge Holidays – A Good Way to Start Learning Bridge

If you’ve never played bridge before, starting can be a daunting prospect. You probably know lots of people who’ve been playing for years. Possibly some of them have tried to tell you how easy it is to learn, and maybe even tried to show you how to play. Teaching someone to play bridge is a bit like teaching someone to drive. If they’re related to you – don’t go there! You’ll end bad tempered and depressed.

A good way of learning is to find a local beginners class. Being in a class gives you the chance to meet other beginners and helps keep you motivated. Not everyone can make the commitment to go to regular classes. The class might coincide with something else that you do regularly, or you may have family commitments that mean you can’t commit to a regular weekly time.

If a class isn’t suitable for you, consider looking for a beginners bridge holiday. The holidays range in length from a weekend to several days. The advantage of a beginners or novices bridge holiday is that you have the opportunity to practice your bridge for several hours, several days in a row. This is a fantastic way of helping you to remember the various aspects of your bridge bidding and play.

If you attend a weekly class, but don’t practice in between, it is easy to forget what you have learnt from week to week. If you have the opportunity to play consistently over a few days you are more likely to remember what you are learning.

You will have fun, meeting lots of other people who are also new to the game of bridge. There will be no need to be embarrassed if you make mistakes. Everyone else will be a beginner too. You will probably have lots of good laughs together.

You will on holiday. You can relax and let someone else do the cooking and the cleaning. Many bridge holidays are held in fantastic venues – often with fantastic facilities, excellent food and a beautiful location. Some of the holidays will allow you free time to explore the local area with your new friends.

The holidays are all led by experienced tutors who will make sure that you learn in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment. Often non-playing partners are welcome to join the holiday, at a discount. Fabulous if your partner is a golfer and your venue is near a good golf course. You can both enjoy a good holiday, in a good venue, whilst both pursuing your own interests.