June 13, 2024


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Why Dessert Should Be Part of Your Daily Meal

The delicious taste of desserts can melt any heart and bring a radiant smile to the face. We always enjoy a slice of apple pie, molten lava cake, or cupcakes. Contrary to popular beliefs, dessert can benefit your health. One can have nourishing desserts at all times, be it during the midday or evening meals, or as part of morning or afternoon tea. Here are the top five reasons to indulge in desserts.

Desserts and Nutrition

Dessert is not only delicious but nutritious as well. A balanced diet of vegetable, protein, and whole grains, along with a moderate amount of dessert is both nutritious and helps in keeping a healthy body and mind. Include dark chocolate in the diet, which is a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants and fibre. Researchers have proved dark chocolate to promote cardiac health, prevent high blood pressure, and certain cancers.

Desserts as Mood Booster

Whenever you are in a bad mood, you often turn to a box of dark chocolates to transport you to a higher level of real happiness. When we eat sweet foods, the brain releases a chemical called Dopamine which makes us feel positive and contribute to our overall emotional well-being. Your favourite dessert not only influences your body and mind but lifts your mood cheerfully. Hence, indulge in your dessert and live life to the full.

Desserts and Weight Control

People on a diet often ignore the importance of carbohydrates for the body. Obese people are better able to keep the pounds off by having a breakfast high in protein and carbohydrates, including desserts. Sweet cravings remain one of the major causes of diet failure. Going for a sugar-free diet as part of a weight loss program will most likely lead to binge eating and indulge in overconsumption. With a low carb diet, the body craves for sweets, and the right indulgences can reduce the body’s cravings, making the person less hungry all day long. A balance of nutritious food and regular exercise can do wonders for weight control and lead to diet success and better health. There are proven health benefits of dessert, and it makes sense to include your daily share of it in your diet.

Desserts and Balanced Diet

The good thing about having dessert is to include fruit in your daily diet. Fruits are rich sources of essential nutrients that are needed to boost the body’s immune system and keep you healthy and strong. However, our hectic lifestyle makes us overlook the importance of fruits. You could ensure your daily fruit intake by having in your breakfast a healthy dessert of Greek yoghurt with blueberries and raspberries added to it. Be creative with the myriad of options available with dessert.

Desserts and Dieting

Do you know that hospital patients are served cherry cheesecake dessert or pudding when they lose their appetite after illness? This is because patients find sugary carbohydrates easier and enjoyable to consume than other foods. A sudden decrease in the consumption of carbohydrates and sugar in the meal leads to a shortage of glucose in the body. This results in feelings of mental fog, sluggishness, and distraction in the person. Just another reason to include your favourable dessert in the daily diet.