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The Healthy Egg (Recipe En Espanol)

The Healthy Egg (Recipe En Espanol)

Do you sometimes wake up motivated to create a microwavable entrée for breakfast? Or does your New Year’s resolution include a quick breakfast that is high in protein? If it is the latter, eggs are the perfect ingredient that you need to add to your diet summary. All the more, most people know where the egg comes from-a chicken. Chicken makes for a great lunch (almuezo) and dinner (cena); how about for breakfast? Eggs: chicken; what’s the difference? Luckily, morning takers tend to dwindle on the limitations of making a healthy breakfast (i.e. a quick egg sammich and sausage patty to go). However, the microwave remains a successful attribute to the ones on the go.

Nutrients: Whole Egg / Egg White

Calories 70 / 17

Total Fat 5 g / 0 g

Saturated Fat 1.5 g / 0 g

Cholesterol 185 mg / 0 mg

Protein 6 g / 3.6 g

Make an Egg; Use the Microwave

As eggs are a delicate food, cooking them in the microwave is challenging. However, developing egg recipes is an entertaining event to entail. First of all, an egg is composed of two separate, unique parts: The egg yolk and the egg white portions; the shells aren’t included in most recipes (use for compost). The yolk is very high in fat and protein. It also tends to cook faster than the egg white part; truthfully, egg whites set, while the egg yolk thickens. Therefore, there are a variety of methods that require achieving the proper execution of producing an acceptable egg recipe, when utilizing the microwave.

Most-if not all-microwavable egg recipes mandate a setting of LOW or MEDIUM. This particular technique will ensure that the egg doesn’t distort into a rubbery texture (overcooking the watery portions of the egg). Also, be sure to stop the microwave oven, while the egg dish is still slightly underdone. And standard completion includes a brief standing time, covered, in order for the food to finish cooking with stored-up heat.

The Popular Fried Egg (Microwavable)


1 egg

Butter or margarine


1. Skillfully break egg into a greased 5- or 6- ounce custard cup.

2. Gently pierce the yolk with a fork.

3. Top with butter (optional).

4. Cover with plastic film.

Cooking Directions

1. Microwave on Low for 1½ minutes; rotating the dish after 45 seconds.

2. Let stand, covered, for 1 minute before serving.

Tip: Cooking time is slightly less for 2 eggs-microwave on LOW for 2½ minutes; rotating dish after 1½ minutes.

========================EN ESPAÑOL=======================

La Popular huevo frito (microondas)


1 Huevo

Mantequilla o margarina


1. Hábilmente romper huevos en un molde 5- o 6- onza natillas copa.

2. Pierce suavemente la yema con un tenedor.

3. Comienzo con la mantequilla (opcional).

4. Cubrir con un film de plástico.

Cocinar las direcciones

1. Microondas de baja durante 1 minutos; rotación de la antena después de 45 segundos.

2. Dejar reposar por 1 minutos antes de servir.

Sugerencia: tiempo de cocción es ligera.