July 24, 2024


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Tecate Beer Girls Make Money to Party – How to Become a Beer Girl

Tecate Beer Girls Make Money to Party – How to Become a Beer Girl

Tecate beer girls are entertaining, sexy, confident and they are able to captivate the attention of their audience. They also Make over $35 per hour to entertain and deliver their brands message at special events and exclusive parties.

Have you seen the sexy outfits these beer girls get to wear? They are definitely eye catching and able to make a man thirsty…

Beer girls get go to boxing events, concerts and invitation only parties.

Why Do Major Beer Companies such as Tecate Beer and Miller Lite use Attractive Female Models?

These beer companies are usually targeting the same consumer and they need to find a way to deliver their brands message of fun that will resonate and grab their consumers attention. They understand that their male consumers are attracted to hot, sexy and confident women.

Beer Brands want to associate with fun and a exciting lifestyle that men want to obtain.

What straight man would not want to be associated with hot women?

How to become a Tecate Beer Girl

1. You must be over the age of 21 with a great body and personality.

2. You must be able to communicate persuasively and get consumers to listen to you.

3. You must be comfortable being the center of attention.

Sign Up and Become a Beer Girl

1. You can get in contact with your local Tecate Beer Distributor. Go to a local bar and ask the manager who their Beer distributor is.

Call up the marketing manager and they will either ask you to come in for an interview or they will put you in contact with their promotional marketing agency.

2. You can do a Google search for beer promotional jobs.

3. You can sign up with a promotional agency or modeling agency that has beverage clients.

4. Call the beverage supplier that you want to represent and ask them who they use to do their beverage promotions.