June 14, 2024


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Skin Cancer May Be Fought With Green Tea

In a new scientific study conducted on the green tea that is available in stores right now, researchers at the Murcia University in Spain have discovered that phytochemical from the green tea is very capable of actively combating the spread of skin cancer, and regular applications may also keep it in check. Investigations have revealed that the green tea has proven unexpected benefits for the skin, some of which have not even been suspected at first.

The current practice of introducing phytochemicals to support the immune system or fight against diseases is based on centuries old traditions. Nutrimed support is a recent advancement in the domain of diet-based therapies; green tea and its constituents are one of the important components of these strategies to prevent and help cure various malignancies with standard treatment prescribed by your oncologist.

As melanoma is being seen in younger and younger people, in their 30s and 40s, there is a longer window for the cancer to return and a greater desire to avoid disfiguring surgery. While more study is needed to understand how the green tea works and which patients are likely to benefit from it, we are optimistic that it may prove to be a good option for some patients. This may be an effective first line treatment as prevention . Since melanoma takes up to 15 years to develop, during that time a host of treatments could be applied to stop the evolution of the disease. However, as experts have pinpointed, no medical procedure could beat good protection against the medical condition, which could, after implementation, lead to tumors and to the spread of other organs as well.

Have your mole checked every year by your doctor and in the mean time drink green tea. Want to find out more about green tea go to functional food green tea.