May 28, 2024


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Penis Function and Alcohol – The Truth About Drinking and Shrinking

Throughout the Western world, and particularly in the United States, alcohol is the social lubricant of choice. In a deeply-ingrained drinking culture, sharing a few drinks on a date or at a social gathering is a firmly-entrenched ritual. A glass or two of wine, a couple of beers or a cocktail can help both parties to feel more confident, allowing physical encounters to develop as inhibitions are lowered. However, as most men know, there can be too much of a good thing when it comes to drinking and intimacy, leading to unfortunate loss of penis function at just the wrong moment.

For men who are habitual drinkers, this temporary effect can take on a more permanent status, causing ongoing male dysfunction and even shrinkage of the treasured organ. Avoiding these problems is possible, and in some cases they can even be reversed. Understanding the effects of alcohol on erectile function and knowing how to care for the penis on a day-to-day basis can save men a lot of embarrassment and frustration.

Erectile function

While a few drinks may initially increase a man’s libido, as well as decreasing his social inhibition, alcohol is a depressant and relaxant. This means that as the level of blood alcohol increases, the blood vessels relax, which may seem like good news when it comes to erectile function. However, the alcohol also interferes with the nerve signals that prevent blood from leaving the penis; therefore, it becomes very difficult to rise (and stay risen) to the occasion.

Loss of sensation

Alcohol also has anesthetic properties; while a few drinks may dull the pain, they can also dull the pleasure, leading to an inability to experience tactile stimulation. For men who are habitual drinkers, this effect can become permanent due to ongoing nerve damage, and in some cases, irreversible loss of function is the end result.

Loss of sex drive and penis shrinkage

Chronic drinking or binge drinking can drastically reduce testosterone levels; when testosterone levels are decreased, libido is often reduced as well. When testosterone levels are consistently low, a man’s sperm count also suffers, interfering with fertility. Worse yet (for many men), low testosterone levels have been linked to penis shrinkage.

Increased risk of infection

A final caution about too much alcohol when it comes to intimacy – drinking interferes with the decision-making process, and men who have had a few are more likely to engage in unplanned encounters without the benefit of protection. This increases the risk for partner-transmitted infections, which can cause long-term problems with erectile function, as well as other health complications.

What to do

Caring for the equipment, as well as paying attention to overall health, can have a beneficial effect in many cases of male dysfunction, particularly when related to alcohol use. To start with, getting regular exercise can help to improve cardiac function, as well as boosting endorphin and dopamine levels – both of which contribute to a sense of confidence and well-being which can aid in male performance.

Limiting the intake of alcohol to an occasional drink or two is also recommended; for some men, even this may be too much, so men who have plans for a romantic few hours with a partner might want to steer clear of the adult beverages for the occasion.

Nutrition also plays a big role in countering performance issues and boosting sex drive. Getting the right nutrients – such as zinc for increased testosterone, vitamin C for adequate blood flow, and amino acids such as acetyl L carnitine for healthy nerve function – can be beneficial in reducing the incidence of erectile dysfunction. While many penis-friendly vitamins and minerals can be found in a healthy diet, using a penis nutrient formula (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) on a daily basis may help to ensure that the penis does not miss out on the full benefits of good nutrition.