July 21, 2024


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Palm Oil – Africa’s Most Potent Anti-Oxidant Oil

Palm Oil – Africa’s Most Potent Anti-Oxidant Oil

Palm oil – ‘God’s gift to humanity’, is like crude oil in a tree. Right before the discovery of crude oil, just ahead of or soon after the partition of Africa, the Delta region of the river Niger in West Africa (Bight of Biafra) was referred to as the “Oil belt”. It supplied 1000’s of ship-masses of Palm oil upon which Metropolitan areas like Liverpool and Bristol were being constructed.

Considering the culinary use of this anit-oxidant, it is the only vegetable oil that has a stability of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. It actually incorporates several of the essential Crucial Fatty acids, required for efficient metabolic rate of fat. It is the richest source of beta carotene, (carotenoids) – potent anti-oxidants vitamin A. New Palm oil, as is utilised in African cooking contains all these. It is a pure drugs! It is a hidden secret that pure vegetable oil, as offered in most retail outlets is received from fractionation of Palm Oil.

It also give the yellow colouration to West Africa’s cuisines as uncovered amongst Africans in the Diaspora. The Africans, who resided at first in Southern India started to use these kinds of ingredients as Turmeric and Saffron to replicate this yellow colouration.

This anti-oxidant is also the supply of the commercially marketed ‘White butter’, branded as ‘Trex’ or known in the spice producing field as ‘beaded Palm oil’.

Groundnut oil also recognized as peanut oil, is a flavourful, natural oil derived from groundnut (peanuts), it is documented to have the aroma and style of its mum or dad legume. In the British isles it is known as “groundnut oil”. Peanut oil is most frequently employed for frying meals, particularly ‘French fries’ and chicken. It is wealthy in polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Corn oil or Maize oil is extracted from the germ of corn (maize). Its main use is in cooking, exactly where its significant smoke place makes refined corn oil a important frying oil.

Other styles of Oils consist of Groundnut – flavourful Sunflower, (common in Europe), Sesame Seed, progressively readily available in the middle East) and rarefied butter (Mai-n-shanu) identified as Gee in India.

There are other potential resources for high-quality cooking oils yet to be tapped!