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Nutritious Eating For a Balanced Lifestyle

Nutritious Eating For a Balanced Lifestyle


The a few gunas or qualities of Character are sattva (purity or transcendence), rajas (exercise and distraction), and tamas (inertia or ignorance). These attributes are current in all foodstuff and have a profound influence on the brain and religious growth.

Tamasic foodstuff are processed, artificial, devitalized, overcooked, or putrefied. Not only do they demolish physical well being, they also market spiritual unconsciousness, psychological unhappiness, and violence. Examples involve canned foodstuff, white sugar and flour, liquor, and manufacturing unit meat and dairy.

Rajasic foods are stimulating and produce active features. These foods are not automatically dangerous, and are often strengthening and handy for the entire body. In excessive, they can create disturbance in the thoughts and feelings and motivation for worldly things. Examples contain spicy foodstuff, garlic, and meat.

The sattvic diet plan promotes and peaceful, distinct mind. As things that are related in mother nature improve just one yet another, the foods that make up the sattvic food plan are themselves peaceful (non-stimulating) and crystal clear (no cost from impurities). Sattvic meals are adequately geared up according to conventional solutions. Lots of modern day strategies of food preparing have results on meals that make them rajasic or tamasic and deteriorate wellbeing.

The sattvic diet plan emphasizes total organically developed foods that are raw or freshly cooked (not micro-waved), as properly as “uncooked-cooked” or lacto-fermented foodstuff. If possible, the diet plan will consist of a lot of locally manufactured foodstuff, specially food items that you have personally performed a function in making and that thus fortify your attunement with your normal atmosphere.

It is predominantly a lacto-vegetarian eating plan that really values dairy, but avoids other animal products such as eggs, fish, and meat. A sattvic diet regime excludes synthetic foods processing and altering as substantially as achievable. However, this includes a disturbing proportion of present day food stuff staples.

It must be noted that although pure, the avoidance of meat suggests that this is not essentially the finest bodily energy-endorsing diet plan, nor is it intended to be, as its concentration is mostly non secular, not physical. The exclusion of animal items apart from dairy also excludes some significant vitamins available solely from animal products and solutions. For this motive, it will not be appropriate for all folks all of the time, but can frequently be securely adopted with amazing benefits for shorter or for a longer time time durations for different constitutions, in particular in conjunction with religious retreat or seclusion.

No matter if meat is provided in the diet program or not, everyone will enjoy bodily and non secular benefits from together with a better total of new, regional, organically and sustainably grown food items, making ready foods effectively, and avoiding commercially made and processed food items.

Types of Sattvic Meals

Complete Grains

Paramhansa Yogananda on processed white flour: “…there is no excuse for any sane and intelligent particular person killing himself or dragging about half alive owing to the use of devitalized or wrongly chosen foodstuff.”

Whole grains are typically very sattvic, but ought to be soaked to neutralize unhealthy and devitalizing aspects (largely phytic acid) and make them a lot easier to digest. In the situation of flour, grains are finest freshly milled to steer clear of rancidity. The flour can then be soaked with the soaked elements, or flour from sprouted grains can be utilised. Gradual cooking is commonly desired, and pressure cooking is not suggested as the superior warmth could extremely denature proteins.

Chilly breakfast cereals and granola should be averted as their cooking and manufacturing procedures render the grains somewhat poisonous and indigestible.

Soaked porridge is an fantastic way to put together grains. Rinse and soak the grains at minimum right away in pure warm water with a minor natural and organic yogurt, kefir, whey, or buttermilk. The cooking time will rely on hardness of the grain. The porridge can be served with flax seeds or nuts, uncooked butter or cream, and a organic sweetener. Do-it-yourself bread is also fantastic.

Uncooked Dairy

Sattvic dairy foods include: raw milk, cream, butter, ghee (clarified butter), delicate raw-milk cheeses, and fermented dairy such as yogurt, kefir, buttermilk, or whey.

Dairy is a incredibly religious food stuff with superb overall health added benefits for human body, brain, and soul. In its pure point out it can be taken abundantly. Its characteristics are adjusted significantly by contemporary methods on the other hand, and switch a sattvic foods into a tamasic foods with deleterious effects on wellness. These methods contain torturous environments for cows, grain and chemical feed, more expansion hormones, pasteurization and homogenization.
The shopper then normally takes in the actual physical, emotional, and spiritual harmful toxins connected with these tactics.

The extremely finest supply of milk is from organic pasture fed cows, specifically in the spring and slide seasons when the cows feed on the quick-rising grass. It must be taken raw, but if raw milk is not tolerated, it is also superb cultured.

Of all dairy products, ghee (clarified butter), is primarily critical. It is the most refined essence of milk, and the transformation from milk to ghee is likened to the transformation from rasa (plasma) to ojas (essential religious pressure). Ghee serves as a vehicle for numerous medications in Ayurveda, carrying their qualities deep into the tissues. It is primarily rejuvenating for the mind and nervous process, contributing to non secular exercise and progress. Ghee is 1 of the four mahasneha (wonderful fats) revered in Ayurveda. Sneha, or extra fat, is a synonym of like, and ghee nurtures the top quality of our adore and devotion.

Natural Sweeteners

Sattvic normal sweeteners contain: uncooked honey, jaggery, dehydrated cane sugar, stevia, day sugar, molasses, malted grain syrups, and sorghum syrup.
The above sweeteners ought to still be made use of in moderation so as to not upset blood sugar amounts, a prime cause of psychological and emotional instability. As with all meals, pick organic and natural sources for your sweeteners.

The next sweeteners are rajasic or tamasic and ought to be averted: white sugar, brown sugar, concentrated fruit juice, superior fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners these kinds of as aspartame.

Balanced Non-Animal Fat

Sattvic non-animal fat contain: added virgin olive oil, coconut oil or butter, palm oil, flax oil, and sesame oil.
Stay away from the use of safflower, cottonseed, sunflower, canola, soy, cottonseed, and corn, and in particular hydrogenated and partly-hydrogenated trans fat. These oils all contribute to a number of wellbeing worries.


Fruit is specially sattvic, as fruit, alongside with bouquets, are the most developed parts of the plant kingdom. Fruit allows produce the non secular coronary heart. It is most effective to concentration on locally grown and in-period create, as this serves to help connect you with the rhythms of Mother nature in your local atmosphere.
The spiritual master, Paramhansa Yogananda, attributed particular religious characteristics to selected fruits:

Peaches – selflessness

Oranges – reforming zeal

Grapes – spiritual love

Banana – humbleness

Apple – self-handle

Strawberry -dignity

Pineapple – braveness

Cherries – pleasure

Fruit need to be eaten refreshing, freshly cooked, or lacto-fermented as chutney. Canning raises the tamasic top quality, as does freezing, nevertheless to a lesser diploma.


Most veggies are reasonably sattvic. It is excellent to have some raw, but flippantly cooked may perhaps be finest (steamed, blanched, baked, or stir fried in butter, olive oil or coconut oil) as several veggies contain unsafe substances that influence digestion, assimilation, and cellular features, and these substances are neutralized with cooking. Cooking increases the digestibility of vegetables, but at the same time destroys enzymes and selected nutrition.

So, what to do?

Raw-cook dinner your vegetables! Incorporate some lacto-fermented vegetables (these kinds of as sauerkraut). This course of action really increases nutritional worth, and adds considerably enhanced enzyme exercise and helpful bacterial flora, optimizing digestion and assimilation of vitamins and minerals.
Raw onions, leeks, and garlic have additional of a rajasic good quality, and although they have a lot medicinal benefit, mushrooms are regarded tamasic. Canned, frozen, or reheated vegetables also increase the tamasic excellent.

Nuts and Seeds

As with the grains, nuts and seeds are typically sattvic, but require some planning to neutralize unsafe substances.
Start with uncooked organic nuts. These can be sprouted, or soaked overnight with a minimal organic salt (Celtic sea salt if the quite very best) and then eaten wet or dried in the oven at a minimal warmth (significantly less than 150 levels), or in the sunshine, for 12 to 24 hours.
Nuts geared up as earlier mentioned can then be eaten by by themselves (chew properly) or cooked with food items. They can also be blended to generate great nut butters.


“Beans, beans, the magical fruit.

The more you try to eat, the additional you toot.

The far more you toot, the improved you sense.

So, let us try to eat beans for just about every meal!”

– My Elementary College

Legumes are known for their problems with digestibility, but lots of conventional societies have mainly subsisted on beans without having problem. This yet again, is primarily owing to the process of preparation.

Soak all legumes in pure water with whey, lemon, or lime juice and depart them in a heat place for 24 hours. Upcoming, pour off the soaking h2o and rinse effectively. Prepare dinner the beans until eventually they are gentle and skim off any foam that rises to the surface area. Ultimately, rinse the beans once more and insert proper spices and purely natural salt, lemon juice or liquid from lacto-fermented vegetables, and raw butter or olive oil.

The most sattvic legumes are mung beans and aduki beans. Modest amounts of tofu are all right, but soy should if not be taken only in fermented sort this kind of as miso, tempeh, and natto, as these preparations neutralize naturally-developing dangerous substances.

Improperly ready beans are irritating and rajasic, and canned beans boost tamas.


The most sattvic spices are mild and have a tendency to be sweet with pungent and bitter notes. They can be taken liberally as they support in the digestion of other food items and have a lot of overall health added benefits. These spices are many, but a couple of examples include things like: cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, fennel, ginger, and turmeric.

Really pungent spices such as warm peppers or chilies and garlic are more rajasic and stimulating, and spices that have been irradiated are lifeless and tamasic.


Sad to say, the bulk of present day beverage possibilities are unhealthy. Espresso, tea, and other caffeinated beverages are overly stimulating and rajasic. Pastuerized juices, soda pop, and liquor have an total tamasic high quality. Even the contemporary “health and fitness consume” soy milk has some health challenges because it has hazardous substances and not neutralized in its planning.

Sattvic beverage alternatives involve: pure spring h2o, raw milk, sattvic herb teas these kinds of as chamomile and mint, sattvic fruit and vegetable juices diluted with pure h2o, adequately well prepared seed, grain, or nut milks (see linked sections higher than), and lacto-fermented drinks created from dairy, grains, fruits, and nuts.

Tailored from Nutritional Nutritional supplements for Enlightenment: Direction for Internal Peace and Self-Realization, by Jacob Griscom, CAS