May 24, 2024


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Lose Weight Without Dieting – Learn the Chinese Secret to Natural Weight Loss and Optimum Health

Chinese medicine focuses on changing your diet along with changing the function of your body to get maximum weight loss results.

One of the main focuses of Chinese medicine is to build Qi (pronounced chee). Without Qi, your body will not function properly and can result in weight gain. Qi, or energy, is used to prevent energy deficiency and helps your organs work in harmony to promote overall well being. When your organs are not in check, they cannot perform the way they were made to. If you have noticed that prior to gaining weight you experience headaches or emotional problems, your body probably doesn’t have enough Qi. Chinese medicine can cure these bodily imbalances with the use of herbs, change of diet and a change in your daily lifestyle.

In Chinese medicine, being overweight is often referred to as “dampness.” Dampness means that the body is not using it’s moisture properly and that extra moisture is not being eliminated. When dampness occurs, the results are usually seen in the lower body which can be a huge factor with weight gain in that area. Chinese medicine can help cure obesity by combining certain herbs in a synergistic manner that helps the body return to a harmonized state and promotes weight loss and overall health.

When it comes to this type of treatment, it is extremely important to go through a Chinese medicine professional that can create a personalized plan for your specific needs.

The digestive system is also a big factor in Chinese medicine. If your digestive system is not working properly, weight gain can occur. The digestive system is responsible for taking the food you eat and distributing the nutrients to your body. When it is not working the way it should, your body will lose energy, become dehydrated and undernourished which can cause weight gain. When the digestive system isn’t working properly, neither is your colon.

Regular bowl movements play a big part in weight loss. Without regular bowl movements, the toxins in your body are not being removed properly which cause your digestive system to overheat and not function appropriately. Chinese medicine often uses herbs to strengthen the Qi of the stomach and keep your bowl movements on track and your digestive system doing its job.

Chinese medicine cures and prevents other ailments while you’re losing weight. This includes insomnia, depression or acid reflux. Because Chinese medicine treats more than just the diet portion of weight loss, the life-long results can be amazing.