July 24, 2024


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How to Make a Perfect Cup of Pickwick Tea

How to Make a Perfect Cup of Pickwick Tea

So what could be simpler than brewing a cup of Pickwick tea? While the act itself is simple enough there are a number of things to consider if you want to get as much benefit and enjoyment as possible from your tea drinking experience.

Water Is Key

The quality of the water used to brew tea can have a considerable effect on its taste. Tap water can be very “hard” meaning it has a high amount of dissolved minerals like calcium, magnesium and various sulfates, all of which can have a deleterious effect on tea taste. Likewise the chlorine and fluoride added to water by many towns and cities also affects the taste of water. So you may want to use your favorite brand of bottled spring water (not distilled water) instead. Why not try it and see if you can tell a difference in the taste of your Pickwick tea.


The temperature of the water is also important in making a great cup of Pickwick tea. The water temperature varies depending on the type of tea you use. Most of the tea consumed in the United States is black tea although green tea is becoming increasingly popular. Pickwick tea carries both varieties in its extensive line of quality teas. Black tea gets its characteristic dark color because it is heavily oxidized as part of its processing. Green tea is not oxidized when processed and so retains the original green color of the tea leaves. Because of this difference the two types have different requirements for the temperature of the water used to brew them.

If you don’t happen to have a thermometer you can judge the temperature by watching the bubbles in the water. When the temperature is around 160-170 degrees you’ll notice small bubbles floating to the surface of the water. When the water reaches 180-190 degrees you’ll see streams of bubbles rising. Shortly after that the water will reach a full boil. Do not boil the water for too long however as this will dissipate the oxygen in it and you will not experience all of the great flavor in your tea.


For black tea it is recommended that you use fully boiled water. Simply place a fresh tea bag in your cup and pour the water over it. Don’t try to immerse the bag in a cup of hot water as the tea will not become fully infused with water and you won’t get the full flavor of the tea. Let the tea steep for four to six minutes, no more. Leaving the bag in longer than that will leave you with a bitter cup of tea. If you like your tea stronger use two bags don’t lengthen the steeping time.

For green tea you should not use fully boiled water. The water temperature should be around 150-160 degrees. So place a fresh green tea bag in your cup, pour the water over it and allow it to steep for two to three minutes. Green tea is more delicate than black and should be steeped for a shorter time to prevent bitterness in the drink.

To insure a quality cup of tea always use the freshest tea available. Pickwick tea comes in individually wrapped tea bags, and each one is sealed in foil to preserve its freshness and taste. So why not use these helpful hints to brew yourself a perfect cup of Pickwick tea today. You won’t regret it.