July 24, 2024


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Homemade Jerky: Tips and Suggestions

Homemade Jerky: Tips and Suggestions

Jerky, one of my favorite treats and snack. It is known as Sukuti in Nepal (meaning thin and dried, and is also used as a mock to refer to thin people). We didn’t have dehydrators at that time so Sukuti (dried meat) was prepared by hanging the thinly sliced meat on top of the woodfire stove.

Those were the best dried meats I have ever tasted.

Today I am talking about how to make jerky and some tips to make perfect jerky at home without any additive and preservative. I do occasionally indulge myself one store bought jerky, but homemade ones are always the best. When it comes to jerky I am always open for adventure and new flavors. Imagine my delight when I found the article on Cooking Wild, all about making jerky at home. It was as if the boost I needed to get my dehydrator out and create magical jerky (usually my laziness gets the best of me, but we were talking about jerky so I had to give up being couch potato). My L’EQUIP dehydrator helps me be lazy but still make yummy jerky. I set the temperature and how many hours I want to dehydrate, it stops after the set time so I don’t have to keep on checking, until it is done.

Here are some Jerky making points from Pete Giovencco’s Deer Depot.

Meat must be cold, fat free and clean.

You can use marinade or rub of your choice, create your own or buy.

Marinade or rub should be used in small portion and adjusted accordingly.

Light color meat means light flavor and darker the color mover flavor.

If not sure always run a test batch and make note, so you can adjust the flavors or seasoning.

If the jerky is professionally packed it will last 9 months to year. (Note: Some flavor might be lost)

Home made jerky should be stored in airtight container and consumed within month.

If using wild game, make sure the meat is handled properly and frozen quickly.

More dehydrating tips are available on L’EQUIP website.

Now here is my personal secret. Play around with the herbs and spices that you like, you will be surprised with the flavors you can create. Don’t be scared to experiment, be bold and make the recipe your own, because no-one knows what you like than you.

RECIPE: Soy Marinade Jerky


Soy Marinade

Marinates about 1½ pounds beef

¼ cup soy sauce

2 Tbsp honey

½ tsp dry mustard

¼ tsp garlic powder


Combine ingredients in bowl.

Add thinly sliced meat.

Marinate 30 minutes,turning occasionally.

Follow the instruction on your dehydrator and dehydrate.

Enjoy the tasty, homemade snack.