May 24, 2024


Red Hot Food

Hidden Stimulating Foods in Your Diet: Tyramine Reactions

Have you ever experienced intrusive insomnia even though you were really tired, or an overall anxiety when nothing is actually upsetting you? Even after you cut out coffee, stopped smoking and cut down on sugar and alcohol, these symptoms still persisted. You might not be aware of the fact that there are certain foods you may be eating that contain a mild stimulant called Tyramine and when eating larger amounts of these foods, you could be experiencing insomnia, rapid heartbeat (palpitations), an increase in blood pressure and mild to migraine headaches. This is all due to the hidden substance called Tyramine, found in a variety of foods you may eat on a daily basis.

Foods affect your mood and if you are experiencing sensations of anxiety and brain fog, it’s important to be aware of hidden stimulating substances in every day foods.

Everyone is pretty much aware of the reactions created by caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. One knows to avoid these foods if they experience anxiety since they only exacerbate symptoms. Not many are aware of the fact that this other hidden stimulant (Tyramine), found in many foods, may be eaten on a daily basis. Knowledge is power and by becoming aware of the foods that contain this substance, you allow yourself the choice of recognizing and avoiding them.

These foods containing Tyramine, a mild stimulant, are important to recognize. If you eat enough of these foods, you might be experiencing:

– insomnia,

– a rise in blood pressure

– an increase in heart rate (palpitations)

– headaches/migraines

– other mind-body sensations associated with taking a stimulant

These foods release adrenaline into your system and are easy to recognize once you understand that they come under the heading of a food that is aged, pickled, fermented or smoked.

Examples of these foods are as follows:

Hard Cheeses- Swiss, Cheddar, Asiago, Romano. Exceptions are creamed cheese, cottage cheese, farmers cheese and ricotta.

Aged, Smoked and Marinated Meats- Lunch meats, bacon hot dogs, baked ham, smoked meats and fishes, pickled herring, hard salami, pepperoni, bologna.

Legumes and Nuts- All beans, snow pea pods, Italian beans.

Pickled Vegetables- Sauerkraut, pickles, olives, artichokes

Fermented Items- Soy sauce, Tofu, Miso, Tempeh

Condiments- Yeast, meat tenderizers, boullion cubes, dry soup mixes, dry gravy mixes.

Yeast- In sourdough bread but fine in leavened breads.

Beverages- All alcohol containing beverages, especially Chianti and Vermouth. Small amounts in beer. High in red wine.

Overripe and Dried Fruits, especially overripe bananas. figs, raisins



It is best to avoid these foods in high amounts. You might not experience a reaction in lower quantities but if you do experience headaches, migraines, rapid heartbeat (palpitations), and an increase in blood pressure, it might be time to check out your diet and see if it contains foods that are high in this substance.

By making a few simple changes, you will improve the way you feel and actually cut out many intrusive body reactions.