May 28, 2024


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Foods That Cause Gout

One of the most popular theories about the causes of gout is that it is food based. There are many possible food culprits that cause gout. Gout occurs in the body because of a build-up of uric acid. Your body becomes flooded with uric acid, and the kidneys, which are supposed to act as a filter for all foreign things in your body (like uric acid) simply cannot handle the levels of uric acid, which would normally be secreted by your urine. As a result, the uric acid stays in the blood stream.

The longer it stays in the blood stream, the more likely it is to crystallize and harden. When this occurs, it settles in your joints causing pain, inflammation, or swelling of the area. Most gout suffers notice the most pain in the joint of their big toe or in the ankle joints. This is perhaps because of poor blood flow to those areas. Learning about the foods that cause gout can be a big help to overcoming this obstacle in your life.

Finding The Food Culprits

If you are a gout suffer, there is a list of food you should probably avoid. Staying away from these foods that cause gout can help to alleviate both your symptoms and your outbreaks on a regular basis. One food you should certainly consider off limits is cream based sauces. Whether you’re considering a hollandaise for your asparagus or an alfredo for your pasta, stay away from it unless you are looking for another outbreak. Red meat also tops the list. Because it is extraordinarily high in protein, red meat causes the body to flood itself with uric acid. Alcohol (yes, even that glass of red wine you were going to have with dinner) can be a good indicator that you are headed for another gout episode. Another one of the foods that cause gout is seafood. Those mussels and sardines will cause you many problems.