July 24, 2024


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Fad Diets to Lose Weight Are Out – The Healthy Way is In

Fad Diets to Lose Weight Are Out – The Healthy Way is In

Open just about any magazine and you will see some of your favorite celebrities (or not so favorite) swearing by this diet or that diet. Diet discussions in Hollywood is not a taboo in fact its the norm but what seems to be changing is that more and more celebrities are saying “no” to unhealthy fad diets and saying “yes” to healthy ones. This changes that start in Hollywood can easily influence the common woman/man to also follow healthier diets.

More and more people are overweight or even obese, among those more and more children. Our lifestyle involves an increasing amount of time sitting. Eating Fast Food has become increasingly common. But what to do when you find yourself trapped in an overweight body? How can you loose weight healthily? And what does it mean to loose weight in a healthy way?

To loose weight in a healthy way means to allow your body to decompose fat instead of water or muscle mass and to maintain this weight loss. If you like to treat your body well, take your time to loose weight. It is healthy to loose around 1 pound per week by not taking in more than 1200 calories per day. In the long run it is realistic to aim at about 2 pounds per month.

Overhasty diets or going hungry might initially lead to losing several pounds quickly, but you loose water and muscle mass predominantly. This method will not lead to sustainable success, but rather end up in the dreaded yo-yo effect. It is also very harmful for your body: if you live for a longer period of time on less than 1.200 calories, you risk deficiency symptoms and permanent damage to vital organs.

Hence, losing weight in a healthy way requires patience, but will be rewarded. Besides, losing weight is easy, if you do not have to try too hard to stay away from calorie rich temptations.

If you want to loose weight in a healthy way, you should therefore reconsider your diet and change it if necessary. If you loose additional calories by exercising more, you can count on losing extra pounds in the long run.