May 28, 2024


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Experiencing the Namaqualand Flower Route in Cape Town

Cape Town is unique in every aspect, be it cuisine, culture, or even traditions. If you are looking to explore Cape Town beyond the usual and oft taken tour, read further to know what is so special about the place, and Cape Town accommodation specials that cater to these unique features.

Namaqualand Flower Route:

I don’t know how heaven feels, but Namaqualand certainly seems to be the closest to experiencing heaven on earth! This vast expanse of land that is characterized by arid and dusty mountains, rich natural reserves including diamond, copper and other mineral deposits, comes to life during the spring with gazillions of flowers that bloom to form a flower spectacle that’s unmatched. Although evidence of the ‘flower power’ can be seen from Cape Town itself, the actual show doesn’t start until you are about 5 hours from the town. This flower route is also inclusive of the Richtersveld National Park, Geogap Nature Reserve and the Skilpad Wild Flower Reserve. More than 5000 species of seeds lie dormant, awaiting the winter rains. If the rains are good there’s a riot of colors that hits the eye. And no one can predict what’s going to hit the viewer.

The best way to experience this is by walking or riding along this route. If you’re in a real hurry then consider a one day tour. But if you’d really like to experience the place, it’s advisable to take a 5 day tour to the place where tourists get to visit Garies, Springbok, Skilpad, Nababeeb, and Guchab Nature Reserve and stay at one of the many farms in and around these places.

Almost all these places serve the best of both worlds; unmatched comforts of the West and the best of African hospitality. These guest houses also arrange for cooking lessons to help visitors understand and appreciate local food. Don’t miss to eat at one of the several restaurants that serve food prepared using edible flowers, besides serving dishes such as suurpap, samp and bredies. And if you’re really looking to experience authentic Namaqualand, make sure to book a traditional reed house in villages such as Riebeek Kasteel and Paternoster.

And for those looking for a group accommodation in Cape Town, its best to choose from caravans that are comfortable and can be used for the entire stretch of the flower route. The private parks mentioned earlier, serve as excellent camp sites, where guests can enjoy the weather around and take advantage of the open air braai facilities.