June 14, 2024


Red Hot Food

Do’s and Dont’s of Dealing With Bad Service

You show up at a restaurant happy to get that meal you always get and love. The Caesar salad and for the entree, a nice ribeye cooked medium well. There’s only one catch, your service was horrible. The steak wasn’t cooked right, the server was only at your table twice, and your drink is empty. What do you do? There are plenty of people who would just go off on the server or go off on a manager but as an adult this is no way to handle yourself. You’re at odds. Here’s a few do’s and dont’s of proper restaurant etiquette.

DO: From the get go, sit where the host seats you.
Unless physically you are not able to sit there because of a handicap or your too cold so sit close to the door, the host operates on a system where they rotate the tables so they can evenly give servers tables. It is widely understood that some people may not fit in booths and that is perfectly fine. If you’re noticeably upset for little reason, nine times out of ten the message will immediately get relayed back to the assigned server, who in certain situations might not want to spend too much time at your table.

DON’T: Stiff your server.
In other words, don’t leave a tip of zero dollars. Although some service is terribly awful, the staff is working to keep you happy and belly full while trying to feed their own. The average server makes close to 5 dollars an hour, which in hindsight, is about 40 dollars a week if it weren’t for tips. They make their money off the tips that the customers leave. When they get stiffed, it’s almost like that entire table and all that energy was a waste of time. If you’re a regular that doesn’t tip, you probably notice that you’re receiving mediocre service night in and night out. That’s because in the servers mind you aren’t worth their time if you’re not going to tip. They rather have the couple in the corner that are first-timers that are going to leave a nice couple bucks for the server.

These are just two tips for a current server that doesn’t want to see people coming or leaving upset. In the world of serving tables the tips are everything and a happy customer means a happy server. If a problems occurs talk like an adult to management, and be calm.