June 13, 2024


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Differences Between Kashmiri Noon Chai And Afghani Qaymaq Chai

It’s amazing to know about different kinds of teas available and prepared across the world. One should know the steps and processes involved in their preparation. It might be possible that there are chances to see the similarities and differences among them. While interacting with my friends from Kashmir, I learnt to prepare the most popular tea of the region called THE NOON CHAI.

While researching more on varieties of tea, I came across another kind of tea from Afghanistan. It is called the AFGHANI QAYMAQ CHAI. It is a typical green tea prepared and relished by Afghanis across the world. They really like to consume it in the morning hours of the day. Once I observed the preparation of it by a friend of mine (introduced via FACEBOOK), I was astonished to perceive certain things.

In this article, I would like to introduce the similarities and differences between the Kashmiri Noon Chai and Afghani Qaymaq Chai. Without any further delays, I would like to showcase the similarities between them:

1. The tea is prepared from the GREEN TEA LEAVES available in the respective countries.

2. Baking Soda or baking powder is used in the preparation of the tea.

3. The preparation time consumed is very long in both cases.

4. It is the brewing of the tea leaves along with the baking soda or powder which authenticates the respective tea flavor, color and taste.

5. There is the genuine PINK COLOR observed in both of them.

6. It is the preferences of the individual whether they would like to consume the tea with milk or without the addition of the milk.

7. The tea is usually consumed with the typical bakery products in both the countries.

Apart from the similarities between the two, one might observe the striking differences between them. These differences are enumerated in the following manner:

a) In Kashmiri Noon Chai, there is no addition of sugar. Only salt is used in the tea. On the other hand, there is addition of the sugar and no salt is added for the consumption in the Afghani Qaymaq Chai.

b) In Kashmir, the ice cubes are never added while brewing the tea leaves. The spoons or ladles are used for the aeration. Whereas in Afghanistan, the ice cubes are frequently used for proper aeration and to attain the typical color of the tea.

c) No cardamom powder is used for further flavor in the tea in Kashmir. On the other hand, in Afghanistan, cardamom powder is used to enhance the flavor of the tea.

d) In the Kashmiri preparation of the tea, there is no addition of corn starch with the milk. First of all, the tea leaves are brewed for a very long time and milk is added as a final touch of it. Contrary to this, in the Afghani tea preparation, there is addition of corn starch to give the extra glaze or shine to the tea and it is the individual choice to add more quantity of milk to the brewed tea decoction.

e) The formation of the cream is allowed and not removed by the Kashmiri folks. It is left as it is in the tea to get the typical taste of it. In the Afghani Qaymaq Chai, The qaymaq or cream accumulated on the top of the milk is removed on regular basis while brewing the milk and added at the top of the tea before serving it.