July 24, 2024


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Build Network Marketing Business With Easy Time Management

Build Network Marketing Business With Easy Time Management

Every day I hear from people trying to build a successful home based, network marketing business struggling to keep their heads above the water. They are confused, frustrated and depressed because they don’t understand why everything they want to do for their business is growing so complicated.

Here is a no cost way to address their frustration.

Simplify by combining your Goals with great Time Management.

“Things to Do Today” goals. These are the ones that support the one month, 6 month, more immediate goals for your network marketing business. These are the tasks and objectives that you have set down the evening before the day you plan to execute them.

I use a “Stream of Consciousness” technique where I write down EVERYTHING I would like to do the next day to build my network marketing business. I then categorize each task beginning with the number 1 for the most important. Once these are categorized, I look at the calender (I use Outlook) to see what has already been scheduled for that day. With the calender in front of me, I estimate the total time (door to door) for each task. Once that is done I begin with number 1; scheduling the tasks around what is already on the books for that day. While you are doing this, remember that it is vitally important to leave room for meals, a fifteen minute afternoon break, time for supper if you work in the evening, and an absolute quitting time.

The task that doesn’t make it to the calender, won’t get done that day. This is not an option if you want to successfully combine building a network marketing business with your current life. We are working on combining immediate goals with time management. If you were to start getting away from the time management part of the equation, you will then start to question the priorities of your goals. By combining and honoring both of these concepts, you will soon be able to easily see what tasks are important to building your network marketing business (and your personal life), and which are not. It will become easier for you to set tasks that actually support and help your network marketing business (and personal life) grow. It will become evident that the tasks that are lower on the numerological totem pole, and don’t get done Monday, will be completed on Tuesday with no bad consequences. Or you may find that those goals or tasks that didn’t make the cut for Monday weren’t going to support your larger goals anyway. So don’t put them in for Tuesday, set them aside.

By following this simple plan your business becomes less complicated, your stress level diminishes, and your free time becomes really free from obligation because you have made it so.