July 24, 2024


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Blazin Steaks: A Blazin Steak Franchise Review

Blazin Steaks: A Blazin Steak Franchise Review

Blazin’ Steaks is a fabulous Franchise that has been growing here in the Islands of Hawaii and may just be seeking a larger territory towards the Mainland U.S. markets as well. This great concept seems as though it would fit just about anyone looking for a great business to own, operate, and be proud of.

Why the explosive growth? Why the influx of cheap meat plates when beef prices are actually rising? And, for $6, can you buy a steak that’s any good? Richard Craft Jr., the local entrepreneur behind the Blazin’ Steaks empire, sounds amused by the whole thing.

What first started out as a tent on the side of the road-because, at the time, “there wasn’t anybody else doing it, and everybody likes steak,” Craft says-has now turned into 28 stores from Waianae to KÄ neohe, even reaching the Big Island and Maui. As far as competition, he’s not worried about the look-alikes. “Once people start copying, that’s how you know you’re doing good,” he says. “Everyone’s trying to kill themselves to sell steak, but we’re above everybody.” The details behind the business are no secret: the meat is tri-tip, because Craft finds it has the best yield. Weight: 8 ounces before cooking. Where he buys it: Sam’s Club.

This is the modern day business plan for the modern day business man. Something that can be started off the back of what is already within your local area? For some people, those big box stores such as Sam’s Club and WalMart haven’t been seen as positives, but for businesses that depend on them, these businesses are key to their growth. Have you ever thought about what type of business you could own or operate off the back’s of these big box stores? An ice cream shop, a Bar-B-Q chicken franchise, or maybe your own version of a Blazin’ Steaks?

In all businesses, if it fits your personality, your passions, and you’ve done your due diligence then it just may be the right fit for you.