May 24, 2024


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Beef Stew Or Karne Asada – How To Make It

Karne Asada is the regional name for beef stew in the Philippines. Although, it is just the simple beef stew served on your dinner table but ingredients such as Patis, lemon juice, Maggi and Soy Sauce, and the method of preparation add a distinct Filipino taste to it. So, if beef is on the list of your favorites and you wish to taste the flavor of the rich Filipino cuisine, ‘Karne Asada’ or beef stew is a must-try recipe at home.

Here is a simple recipe for preparing 4-6 servings of this delicious stew for supper:

Makes/Servings: 4-6

Estimated Cooking Time Required: 1 hr 30 minutes


Beef sirloin: 2 pounds (2 lbs) – cut into cubes of 3 inches each

Lemon Juice: 2 tablespoons

Soy Sauce: 2 tablespoons

Cornstarch: 1 ½ tablespoons

Maggi or Soy Sauce: ¼ teaspoon

Potatoes: 2 large sized, sliced in thin rounds

Onions: 2 large sized, sliced in small rings

Oil/Fat: 3 tablespoons

Salt/Patis and finely ground Pepper to taste

Method of Cooking:

1) Mix lemon juice, soy sauce, corn starch, Maggi, salt and Pepper to prepare the marinating liquid.

2) Marinate the beef sirloin cubes in the marinade for at least 30 minutes, until the liquid starts to boil.

3) Once the mixture starts boiling, lower the flame and simmer the marinade and sirloin for a minimum of 1 hour, until the meat become tender and brown.

4) Place the beef on a platter and keep it aside.

5) Shallow fry potato slices and onion rings separately in a skillet and garnish the beef with the mixture.

6) Serve hot

This is a simple method of preparing another good beef stew recipe.